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Baby Feeding Supplies

Links to online stores selling baby bottles, breast pumps, food containers, baby food, and other feeding needs...

Baby Doodads : Bottle Nanny Baby Bottle Holder

Purchase the "Bottle Nanny" baby bottle holder to help keep your baby's bottle ready and available. One end of the "Bottle Nanny" is designed to hold standard 4 & 8 oz. bottles, while the other end attaches to a variety of baby accessories from car seats to strollers so the bottle is always ready and available for baby and you don't have to worry about it falling on the ground.

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Baby Organic : Organic Baby Formula

Buy organic dairy or soy baby formula, probiotics, gripe water, DHA & ARA fatty acid, electrolytes, and chlorine free diapers.

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Baby Safe Feeder : Baby Feeder to Help Prevent Choking

Purchase the "Baby Safe Feeder" that allows you to feed your little one fresh fruits, vegetables, and snacks without worrying about them choking.

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Bebe Bottle Sling : Hands-Free Baby Bottle Holder

Purchase the Bebe Bottle Sling for hands free bottle-feeding of your baby. Designed to attach to infant car seat handles, the Bottle Sling helps teach your baby how to hold the bottle on their own and is a wonderful convenience for parents of multiples.

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Birth and Baby : Breastfeeding Supplies

A carefully chosen selection of breastfeeding supplies and accessories including nursing bras, nursing clothes, maternity clothes, breast pumps, and more.

Review It Bookmark It : VersaPed Foot-Powered Breastpump

Purchase the VersaPed foot-powered breast pump. The VersaPed is comfortable, quiet, lightweight, and has no need for an outlet or batteries making it versatile and portable and the only breast pump youíll ever need.

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Cushie Pushie : Breast Support Pillow for Nursing Moms

Purchase the Cushie Pushie breastfeeding pillow designed to push your breast upward for easy latching and correct positioning of your nursing baby. Available in a variety of fun and colorful designs.

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Neat Kid Stuff : Useful Products for Toddler Feeding

Retailers of the Lilí Topper and Sprout Spout bottle attachments that let your child drink from regular water and juice bottles, as well as the Snack Trap no-spill food cup.

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Pacifeeder : Hands Free Baby Bottle

Purchase the Pacifeeder hands-free baby bottle that attaches to car seats, strollers, and other baby equipment and features a built-in air vent, leak proof nipple, and allows for a semi-upright feeding position to reduce ear infections and colic.

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Simply Necessary, Inc. : Multi-Use GoPillow

Purchase the versatile GoPillow and use it in a multitude of ways including as a breast feeding pillow with built-in privacy cover-up, a pillow and body wrap for babies, a portable toddler pillow and blanket, a portable diaper changing surface, a sun and wind shield for babies and toddlers, an arm cushion for carrying babies and toddlers, and more.

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The Nursing Pillow Company : Baby Products for Twins

Useful products for the parents of twins and multiples. Find double nursing pillows, co-sleepers, crib spacers, stroller connectors, hands-free feeding systems and other ingenious items.

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The Snack-Trap : Infant and Toddler Feeding Accessories

Purchase The Snack Trap toddler feeding cup, the Sip Cup no spill drinking cup, Lil' Topper bottled water cap, and other feeding accessories.

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TipeToes : Baby Bottle Holder

Purchase the TipeToes baby bottle holder with a unique slip-on design that allows you more comfort and flexibility while bottle feeding your infant.

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Pookie Baby : Strap-n-Feed Hands-Free Baby Bottle Feeder

The Strap-n-Feed is a simple device that allows a parent or caretaker to feed their baby hands-free. It's a convenient product for those times when you just need a second pair of hands (ie: while dining out, doing household chores, getting ready for work, taking care of other children, etc). As an additional feature, the Strap-n-Feed attaches bottles and sippy cups to car seats, strollers and high cars and prevents them from getting lost or dirtied.

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